Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My New Years post (with hot cocoa and a tag!)

Sorry I haven't typed since last year...

Okay, okay that was a bad pun..

But I am not sorry X)

So I came up with a tag (free tag for everyone who reads along with some hot chocolate and cookies!!!)about how everyone's Christmas and New Years went..
What was your favorite gift you received this year?
Probs my LLBean boots :D

What was your favorite gift you gave this year?
hmm... I painted a couple of canvases with quotes on it for my sisters... 

What was the craziest or weirdest gift you gave this year?

I made a shelf out of Popsicles.... then I stained it..... it looks okay........ still just weird....

What is your favorite Christmas scent?
The smell of fresh cookies...not the Yankee candle wanna be cookie scent but the actual scent of cookies wafting out of the oven..

What is the one sacred tradition you did to celebrate New Years Eve and how does it make it special?

Weeeell...... We dip fruit in chocolate, play board games and flip the TV on at 11:55pm... Its special because I like doing it??? 

Do you like New Years or Christmas better?  Why?
Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus and when family comes over and when you can eat any sweets you want... New years you just get excited about a ball going down.....

What is one movie you like to watch during Christmastime/ New Years??

I like watching Christmas with the Cranks and I liked watching the HTTYD Snoggoltog (idk how you spell it episode) I adore it when Astrid makes yak nog and Ruffnut is just like..."Im gonna yak all over that nog."
just funny

Did you watch the new star wars movie? If so what was your favorite part?

No but I will!!!! If it is the last thing I do

Lastly, what was your favorite joke you read between Christmas and New Years??

Okay this is completely random but is so hilarious..

Brace yourselves



Am I doing this on purpose?



That is just....hilarious.....

Thank you for reading and consider yourself tagged, you are now it... And here is a cookie for your trouble.... *hands cookies out*

Was this a good tag

People who I tag, tag and double tag..





If you dont have a blog you can just use the contact me form to answer :)

Now go answer these questions! lol Hope you all have a great day



  1. This is fun! Thanks for tagging me!! :D

  2. What a fun tag! man that joke was a hilarious!!!!!

    I'm gald you had a great Christmas/New Year!

    1. Thanks glad you liked it! I did have a good Christmas

  3. Thanks for the tag, Ry! Sorry I'm so late in commenting. :P Fun reading your answers! :)


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